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Our Instructors

Master Peter Antonelli Internationally Certified 5th Dan

Owner/ Head Master Instructor Hudson Valley Karate 

         Master Peter Antonelli started his training in Newburgh, New York in 1988 under the guidance of Master Don Southerton (#19192). Master Antonelli reached the rank of 5th Dan in 2008. Throughout his Tang Soo Do career, he has been an avid competitor and successful school owner. Additionally, Master Antonelli has helped many other Tang Soo Do practitioners to become effective school owners.

 In 1994, Master Antonelli opened Hudson Valley Karate. In 2000, he relocated to a 7,500 square foot facility to accommodate the growth of the school. Hudson Valley Karate is known for its traditional technique and curriculum while teaching with a progressive flavor. To this end, we honor the past and create the future. Master Antonelli has tested and promoted over 300 black belts, along with a select number of Masters (Sa Bom) and Certified Instructors (Kyo Sa). Master Antonelli and Hudson Valley Karate are actively involved in the community and enthusiastically participate in local events and fundraisers.

Master Antonelli deeply appreciates a connection with other traditional Tang Soo Do masters and actively seeks to ensure Hudson Valley Karate's support in the events of other Tang Soo Do organizations. In 2010, Master Antonelli, along with a group of Tang Soo Do practitioners, took a trip to Korea to tour the country and connect with our first generation Tang Soo Do lineage.

Master Antonelli grounds Hudson Valley Karate in his belief that, “We are here to carry on the work of the late great Grand Master Hwang Kee by improving human relations through the practice of the techniques and philosophy of Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan.”